Date of Birth:7/18/1983
Registration Duration:Lifetime
Race:American Indian or Alaskan Native
Height:5' 10"
Weight:169 lbs
Alias(s):Leland G Parker, Leland Gary Parker, Leland G Parker Jr

(Date offender last verified with local sheriff of residence - 4/1/2021)
Physical/Main Address
103 W Cedar St Apt C
Bancroft, NE 68004
Cuming County
Address Reported On: 5/17/2024

Offender attending:

No schools listed
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Sex Crime Conviction(s)

Crime:Statutory Rape
Statute Number(s):
Conviction Date:2/19/2003
Place of Crime:NE
Victim of Crime:Minor

Crime:Abusive Sexual Contact with a Minor Felony
Statute Number(s):18 USM 2244
Conviction Date:6/7/2012
Place of Crime:NE
Victim of Crime:Minor

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Leland Gary Parker Jr

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